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Welcome to Natural Cooking!

More than a blog about how to cook, in this blog we would like to show you how we cook with the ceramic tierra negra® cookware, and encourage you to use hand made cooking pots, casseroles and sauté dishes to prepare and present your food. At the same time, we hope that sitting round the table to enjoy delicious food with family and friends you can feel a connection with the people who made your dish from organic clays using techniques passed down from their ancestors.

Clay pot cooking is popular because it produces such delicious results and can be used to cook, bake, or sauté any food, including bread. There is no reason to alter your favourite recipes when cooking with clay dishes. They take a little longer to heat up, but they brown food well and retain the heat longer. It is probably sensible to reduce the heat once the cooking gets going and check the oven for readiness a little earlier.

Enjoy your cooking!



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